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artist statement

I work mainly through the media of silkscreen printing, creating richly coloured and textured small edition and unique (one off) prints and works on paper. My inspiration is derived from my travels, to countries as diverse as India and Greece. My prints and paper collages are not representations of places, but contain elements from observation mixed with my own responses and experiences.

India in particular has always fascinated me, and my travels around the vibrant desert state of Rajasthan, and to the sacred city of Varanasi on the banks of the River Ganges, have given me endless ideas and inspiration. I look particularly for colours, shapes, symbols and textures – visual information that can be used in an abstract way. My “Indian Squares” series was initially inspired by the cities of Rajasthan: alleyways teeming with life and colour; glimpses of brilliantly coloured saris. I have expressed my impressions in abstract form, contrasting colour against colour.

Another inspiration is the Greek island of Andros, and one strand of my work explores in abstract form my responses to the island I have visited many times, and which for me is a very special place. The semi circular shapes that have crept into my work began as an abstract expression of the ever present church domes, whilst the colours I’ve used are those I’ve observed whilst walking from village to village on the ancient stone pathways, always with views of the azure sea below.

My work explores the interaction of abstract shapes and colour relationships, contrasting controlled, regular elements of structure with looser and more irrational mark making. Bold and expressive colour combinations and the visual effects of colours very close in tone have always excited me. I am fascinated by the ways in which colour can be used to define pictorial depth, to create mood and evoke emotion.

I often combine print and collage, and my collages are assembled from my own printed papers. The process of silkscreen printing gives me the freedom to experiment with vibrant colour combinations and textures. I begin by printing areas of flat colour and then superimpose layers of textures and coloured marks, and sometimes text. The inclusion of text has become an important part of my work, as a way of directly conveying my experiences and thoughts, and as something visually interesting in its own right.




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